In The Fold – Heritage Structures of India

The first in the series of “In The Fold”, Heritage Structures Of India explores the intricate beauty of the structures and their form in paper through the unique art of Origamic Architecture.
This technique uses cuts and folds to reproduce three-dimensional forms of architecture and geometric patterns in paper. Each structure in this book has been meticulously creased and folded to its final form by hand.
The book has been produced and published by Shivaram Ananthanarayanan in collaboration with Architect Dean D’Cruz and his firm Mozaic Architecture

Origamic Architecture is an art form that uses cuts and creases on paper to reproduce three-dimensional forms of architecture and geometric patterns. Origamic Architecture is usually made by cutting a single sheet of paper to create intricate three-dimensional designs out of two-dimensional surfaces. Creating these forms involves considerable spatial visualisation that combines the skills of an architect and that of a sculptor.

Origamic Architecture was developed by Professor Masahiro Chatani in Japan. In the early 1980s, Professor Chatani experimented with cutting and folding paper to make unique and interesting cards. Using techniques similar to origami (Japanese paper folding) and kirigami (Japanese paper cutting) and his experience as an architect, he created intricate designs made of stark white paper. These designs were primarily architectural structures and shapes. He felt that Origamic Architecture is a good way to teach architectural design and architecture appreciation. It could also inspire interest in mathematics, art, and design in young children. His technique gradually spread to other countries. Paper engineers began practising this art and creating designs especially of heritage and prominent structures in their respective countries.

This book is handcrafted. The structures in this book have been meticulously creased and folded into their final form by hand.
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